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The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2017

Results from our 2017 survey:


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Universum Global has just released its annual World’s Most Attractive Employers report. The report dives into the global employer branding tactics that are resonating with the upcoming workforce and provides information and comparisons to allow businesses to emulate tactics in their own employer brand strategy.

Do you want to know what General Electric did to overhaul their brand to move up in the rankings among engineering/IT students? Find out by downloading our report!

Important 2017 Trends:

  • Business and Engineering/IT students are leaning away from macro-employers (those that have more than 1000 employees.)
  • Social media continues to be the place most students turn to in order to communicate and understand potential employers, however it is not the only one with return.
  • Globally, there’s significant interest in work/life balance from talent.
  • Students’ pursuit of career goals like work/life balance, job security and company stability lends to the increase in gender diversity within organizations.
  • The employer attributes students desire are fairly similar, regardless of their location, however, there are enough deviations to call for localization. Companies who localize their message create employer brand stories that resonate best.
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